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  1. Car spoilers were originally designed to reduce aerodynamic lift on racecars to give them better high speed traction. When some auto makers started incorporating car spoilers on their factory models, car buyers loved the sporty good looks, and spoilers eventually became as popular as tail fins, chrome wheels, and hood scoops.
  2. Introduction. In election parlance, a spoiler is a non-winning candidate whose presence on the ballot affects which candidate wins. In mathematical terms, the spoiler effect is when a voting method exhibits failure of a property known as independence of irrelevant alternatives.
  3. Jun 11,  · A rousing "Northern" western, set in the days of the Alaskan Gold Rush (which was, incidentally, closer in historical time to the year this film was made than we are to World War II), The Spoilers has a fairly conventional plot about prospectors, claim-jumpers, and the various hangers-on, honest and crooked, that made mining towns like Nome so exciting,--and so dangerous/10(K).
  4. Jun 01,  · "The Spoilers" is an excellent western, released in , that just misses being a classic. I suppose with the setting in Nome, Alaska, it should be called a "northern"! The film boasts a potent starring trio of John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich and Randolph Scott, and has remained famous over the years for its climactic, no-holds-barred fistfight between those two icons of western cinema, Wayne /5().
  5. The fourth of five movie versions of the rugged Rex Beach novel of the same name, 's The Spoilers stars Marlene Dietrich, John Wayne, and Randolph Scott.5/5(3).
  6. Solution copyright © Mike Marcelais. Version , June 13, The newest version of this solution is always delivered to the Spoiler Centre: https://the-spoiler.
  7. A spoiler is an easy modification to make and many don’t even require tools for installation. And since, in most cases, we offer the option of getting your spoiler already painted to match your car, you can be showing off your new look in no time.
  8. Popular walkthrough (solution, spoiler, cheat code, strategy guide, hint, cheat) resource. Updated (almost) daily. Includes full collection of MaGtRo walkthrough resources, complete Sinjin's online guides for Lara Croft Tomb Raider adventures, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and lots of other walkthroughs including thief, syberia, myst and might & magic.
  9. Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday August Victor (Eric Braeden) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) put their differences aside to help Adam (Mark Grossman), Summer (Hunter King) reveals.

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